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Appliance Lighting


Vista leads the way in new and innovative solutions in LED lighting in the Appliance industry.   Because of our presence in so many markets, our experience and strong design capabilities allow us to constantly offer new and innovative solutions in the ever evolving LED marketplace.  New appliance LED lighting is at the forefront of our design projects. Some of our more recent designs include LED appliance bulbs as well as wine cooler lighting, custom tube lighting and custom built led modules for refrigeration.

We are able to maintain tight binning requirements, and understand thermal heat issues and regulatory requirements specific to the Appliance industry.  We also offer lighting assemblies for many different applications, including cooking, refrigeration and fabric care.  Providing an assembly eliminates "fit issues" and assembled product can offer a cost savings and less time on the line.

Contact us with your led application and let us partner with you to design a custom LED solution.

Appliance Lighting Products

Vista can install a wide range of connecting products on your lighting products.

Vista offers custom LED modules for your appliance application.  Modules customized to your lumen

  • Task, compartment and down lighting
  • Waterproof construction

Take a look at the newest option for compartment lighting.  Panel lighting offers a complete wash

Brilliant low voltage “neon look” LED lighting with no points or hot spots