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Architectural Lighting


Vista Manufacturing has more than 37 years of experience in providing the local Architectural and Design communities with LED lighting solutions for any and all interior, exterior, and commercial LED lighting applications.

Vista stays ahead of the curve by offering the most technologically advanced and efficient led lighting solutions.  Our LED products can be found in a wide variety of applications ranging from seating in the Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium to the interior lights at your favorite neighborhood restaurant or theatre. 

We work with industry leaders to provide top-quality led lighting for every project by offering reliable client support every step of the way.  Click here to review our capabilities and what it means to partner with Vista. 

Architectural Lighting Products

This Vista 12V dimmer is a pulse width modulated low voltage dimmer.  The smooth dimming works pe

LED lighting that is small, attractive and useful in many different areas.

LED lighting in several different styles for the many diverse applications needed.

LED lighting with a traditional architectural look.  Beautiful, even wash of light with no hotspo

Bluetooth technology by Vista!  Download our Vista App and experience bluetooth technology with V

A Buck & Boost Transformer is an insulating transformer with either a 120 V x 240 V primary w

¼” Tube with 160 degree LEDs - for specialty applications only.

Clips for holding a variety of linear lighting products.

Vista can install a wide range of connecting products on your lighting products.

Vista's low voltage Light Dimmer makes it possible to dim interio

Designed for our waterproof Flexi-Tape products

Shimmering, bright, intense LED lighting in a 3/8” clear tube.